A red door means “welcome”

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A red door is a welcoming symbol that spans many cultures and traditions. In addition to providing nourishing and delicious food, we invite you to be a part of our farm and feel welcome as you get to know your food, your farmers, and your neighbors

Red Door Family Farm is a Certified Organic small diversified farm in Athens, Wisconsin. We grow 10 acres of vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms for CSA, Farmers Markets, and local Restaurant sales. Our CSA (community supported agriculture) program is always our first priority. Our members are committed to our farm and therefore we make our commitment to them to always give them our best. We have four hoop houses allowing for a large capacity for season extension, long term storage crops, and the highest quality tomatoes. We also host farm-to-table dinners on our farm throughout the summer.

Look for us in restaurants, grocery stores, or at Wausau’s year-round farmers market, or ensure the choicest produce our farm has to offer by joining our CSA!

As farmers, we believe in making a food system that support rural communities, promotes health, and is sustainable economically and environmentally.

Join our CSA through this easy mail-in form!

Our Products
– Wide assortment of organic vegetables and fruits
– Winter salad greens
– Storage vegetables
– Mushrooms
– pastured organic fed chickens
– pastured organic fed ducks
– maple syrup
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Red Door Family Farm Veggie role call! Beautiful day at the market and exciting day in Wausau. Chalk fest is so cool.07.14.2018 at 01:18 pm
Red Door Family Farm 5:55am. Ready, set, GO!07.14.2018 at 11:57 am
Red Door Family Farm Awesome and delicious farm to table dinner at We Grow!! Did I mention farm friends are the best!!07.14.2018 at 05:20 am
Red Door Family Farm Purchase a ticket and join us at our Farm July 21st, for a delicious Farm Dinner featuring all our organic vegetables and chicken, catering by Urban Street Bistro.


Appetizers will include an array of vegetable tarts, chopped vegetables, various dips and crostini.

Salad with pickled beets, beans, fennel and hopefully strawberries!

Main course will consist of Peruvian chicken with chimichurri, French potato salad and colorful roasted carrots, pole beans, zucchini and many more!

Dessert will be a savory biscuit with strawberries, maple cream and mint.

Come hungry and leave happy!

There will also be fabulous mock-tails, wine and beer! All as locally sourced as possible.
07.12.2018 at 07:05 pm
Red Door Family Farm Check out Marilyn's Fire Station and Catering LLC for fresh seasonal veggie stir fry today!Red Door Family Farm shared Marilyn's Fire Station and Catering LLC's post.07.12.2018 at 07:00 am


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