A red door means “welcome”

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A red door is a welcoming symbol that spans many cultures and traditions. In addition to providing nourishing and delicious food, we invite you to be a part of our farm and feel welcome as you get to know your food, your farmers, and your neighbors

Red Door Family Farm in its 2nd season as a CSA and fresh market vegetable grower in Athens, Wisconsin. We have a wealth of farming experience from working as farm managers on various farms in Oregon. Now we have moved back to the region where we were raised to build a family farm centered on high quality vegetables for CSA, Market and Restaurant sales. We have a large capacity for season extension using many unheated greenhouses, long term storage for winter crops, and experience with growing specialty green mixes and high quality tomatoes. We will complete our transition to USDA certified organic in July of this summer, 2016.

Look for us in restaurants, grocery stores, or at Wausau’s year round farmers market, or ensure the choicest produce that our farm has to offer by joining our CSA!

Join our CSA through this easy mail-in form!

Our Products
– Wide assortment of organic vegetables and fruits
– Winter salad greens
– Storage vegetables
– Mushrooms
– pastured organic fed chickens
– pastured organic fed ducks
– maple syrup
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